Month: March 2013

Update – new GAR, Dan Snow and half-marathon!

A quick update as there has been plenty going on in the last few days. On Monday the new Global Aviation Resource website went live – this is something that I and the team have been working on for a while now, so it was great to launch it and see such a positive response. Here’s a screen grab and, if you haven’t visited yet, here’s a link. Yesterday we published my feature from the Dambusters 70th unveiling that I attended at RAF Coningsby last Thursday. It was superb to meet Dan Snow, whom I interviewed, and also the guys from the BBMF and 617 Squadron. Speaking of snow, training for my Great Birmingham Run adventure has been curtailed since last week due to the ridiculously unseasonal conditions here in Birmingham, but activity has been ongoing. I have been asked to produce a short video for Cure Leukaemia, to try and encourage others to sign-up for the event, and yesterday featured in a news story re David Weir’s participation. How proud was I to be positioned anywhere near a legend like that! Click on the link to see the whole story – and look out for the video soon! Hopefully the snow will have gone in a few days and I’ll be able to get out there again. There’s still ages to go until the event, but I will...

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(Half) Marathon Man!

For reasons that I can’t explain here any better than I have on my new Just Giving page, I have decided to take part in the Bupa Birmingham Run this coming October. This what I wrote when I put that page together a few days ago: My story….. It seems strange now – why exactly did I decide to do this? It was a complex set of circumstances I’ll grant you – involving the RV8tors formation display team, Glynn Purnell (the Birmingham-based Michelin starred chef), some relevant news from a very good friend of mine and, of course, learning about Cure Leukaemia, which is based here in Birmingham. Cure Leukaemia is helping to bring pioneering drug and transplant treatments to blood cancer patients in the Midlands. The charity part-finances the world class Centre for Clinical Haematology at QE Hospital Birmingham, to fund life-saving clinical trials to treat terminally ill leukaemia patients. To date, Cure Leukaemia has helped to treat thousands of patients through leveraging nearly £21m worth of revolutionary drugs and funding crucial research nurses to administer these trials. Within just a few days of all those things coming together, and I won’t bore you with the whole story, I had decided to go for it, much to my own amazement. I recently celebrated my 40th birthday, have never run anywhere near 13 miles before and as well as...

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2013 Typhoon display

Last week we published my feature with Flt Lt Jamie Norris, the Royal Air Force’s 2013 Typhoon display pilot, on Global Aviation Resource. You can find the feature here, and I am delighted to say that it has proved extremely popular! Huge thanks to Jamie who gave up so much time to make it...

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More podcasts

Afternoon all Two more podcasts to tell you about today – my regular appearance as part of the Aviation Xtended team, and also a second guest slot discussing Arsenal! You can find the latest episode of Xtended here, and it’s a good un, with a guest co-host from the Air League and a superb interview re engineering the mighty Typhoon. Meanwhile, the latest episode of the GGC, or at least part one of what turned in to an epic Arsenal discussion, is here. If you have a listen, then I hope you enjoy them……. Cheers...

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A ‘Fighter Pilot’ contact from the past, looking firmly to the future

Within the past few weeks, thanks to the wonders of social media, I have been in regular contact with Martin Oxborrow….. Those of you familiar with the BBC TV series ‘Fighter Pilot’, and I know there are many of you, will recognise Martin’s name straight away. Martin was one of the stars of that show, one of the candidates followed through the course of his flying training as he strived to achieve his dream of becoming a fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force. For many aviation folk of a certain generation, Fighter Pilot will always be remembered, as both a resource of information and for the insight and inspiration it delivered. It was the first time, I believe, that the Royal Air Force had allowed the cameras to ‘intrude’ in that way and, for a variety of reasons, it didn’t happen again for some time! Martin didn’t make it to fast jets – his exit from the TV programme came when, although he passed his course on the Jet Provosts at RAF Linton on Ouse, he was recommended for multi-engine training. He went on to have a hugely successful career as a Hercules pilot / captain, clocking up 3000 hours along with the way and seeing the globe as only a Truckie can! Sadly though it didn’t end well, and Martin was medically discharged in 1997, having...

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