Just a quick update,  following on from the publication of my story from the 1999 Paddington Train Crash.

The weekend was overwhelming, it really was….

I had no idea that the story would generate the kind of response that it did, no idea at all.

To be perfectly honest I wrote it for me, and just thought that, by publishing it, if one or two people took something positive from it, then it would have been worth doing.

What I wasn’t banking on was the reaction that it generated, with numerous people saying it reduced them to tears (sorry!) and many praising my own courage, which was nice of them, but in my mind is totally misplaced. I wasn’t brave, and I was just there, and it took 14 years to get round to writing the story!

However, I would like to thank everyone who got in touch, commented and tweeted etc, and I hope the piece gave some insight in to what happened on that awful day. There is, I suppose, a fascination with disasters, and while we all hope never to be involved with one (again!) it does make for interesting reading and maybe we can learn from it.

Most of all, I hope it did enough to highlight the incredible work of the emergency services and medical staff that day. I for one will be forever grateful for all that they did.

Thanks again.